Karoo is an arid geographic region and is bereft of surface water, thus its name from the Khoisan word meaning “land of thirst.” Its vegetation best defines the area with a botanical diversity unparalleled by any other arid region in the world; thus having an exceptional impact on the products produced in the region.

Founded in 2012 by Louis “Volbloed” Retief and Chris “Pens” Blignaut, two young Karoo entrepreneurs and farmers from the Burgersdorp district, the original idea derived to supply Lamb from the Burgersdorp area directly to the potential meat-loving public. The concept since grew into a much more anticipated business.

The Karoo offers many hidden jewels including the unique range of true Karoo produced commodities, this all available at a click of a button on the website. The product variety is sourced from five different Karoo areas, namely: Eastern Karoo, Western Karoo, Upper Karoo, Northern Karoo and the Karoo Midlands.

“Our aim is to discover, market and distribute the best authentic hand-made and homegrown Karoo products that showcase the true flavour of micro Karoo producers. Uniqueness and premium quality is what we aim to promote.”


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