The Karoo is an arid geographic region, entirely devoid of surface water. Little wonder the name is derived from the Khoisan word for “Land of Thirst.” But for Louis “Volbloed” Retief and Chris “Pens” Blignaut, the Karoo was always a land of opportunity.

Both farmers and entrepreneurs from the Burgersdorp area, the two friends shared a profound love of the Karoo as well as a deep appreciation of the natural, pristine goodness of the products and produce derived from this Desert Pearl. And this was precisely the motivation behind Made in the Karoo. A desire to share the untainted produce of this spectacular area and make their products directly available to the public.

Founded in 2012, Made in the Karoo initially sold only lamb to the general public. However, people’s love for the natural goodness of the Karoo exceeded the two
entrepreneurs’ wildest expectations and the business grew rapidly, along with the

Soon Made in the Karoo was selling everything from Lamb, Beef, and poultry, (specifically the ostrich meat for which this area is so famous) to baked goods, olives, as well as jam and a huge assortment of preserves. Sourced from the full width and breadth of the Karoo, the product range is a true representation of the essence of this unequalled arid realm. From the Eastern and Western Karoo, to the Upper and Northern Karoo territories as well as the very heart of this desert bounty; the Karoo Midlands, every single item on the menu has the proud distinction of being 100% Made in the Karoo.
“Our aim is to discover, market and distribute the best authentic hand-made and
homegrown Karoo products that showcase the true flavour of micro Karoo
producers. Uniqueness and premium quality is what we aim to promote.”


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